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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Whilst I am on a post roll I will just get up to date with everything. My older and recent work is now featured on MUUSE a website for young designers. You can follow what I am doing on there for a bit orrrrr If you are feeling crazy rich you can actually place an order for some of my weird creations.
Wait for James Ritchie this evening, one of my oldest friends and the worlds best kept illustration secret.

YES! A genuinely funny video WATCH WATCH WATCH!

 My best friend Rosanna shared this link this morning, one of her work chums had put this video together. Honestly check it out you will not be disappointed, So funny.
So watch it, vote funny and then go off and enjoy your day which has now been made far better due to this video.
p.s I am going to do another post today for talented friends, I know crazy right two posts in one day it beats my monthly average. I am getting there.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey is that a Raeburn....

Its a Raeburn ting...It seemed only fair and natural that after working with this chap for many years I put his work in a different medium. I reckon it turned out alllright! SEEYA

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

People I love...oh and ones I reckon you should watch out for.

Whilst I have been taking an absolute age (sorry) to do this illustration, which I do hope will be worth it when I can finally show it to everyone. I thought I might do a little post on some of my overwhelmingly talented friends in fashion/music/film/art whatever. So here goes...
I would like to start with Kiran Gobin a still quite fresh graduate from London College of fashion he has managed to achieve so much and is currently underway on a postgrad to become quite frankly one of the most sought after in his field...I reckon, and I am being biased but I do not care because its true! So here are a couple of pics to remember why he is the shit!

Thats all for today, maybe tomorrow I will do another! For now I salute you KKG!! SEEYA

Oh p.s Illustration is coming soon and other stuff!