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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

People I love...oh and ones I reckon you should watch out for.

Whilst I have been taking an absolute age (sorry) to do this illustration, which I do hope will be worth it when I can finally show it to everyone. I thought I might do a little post on some of my overwhelmingly talented friends in fashion/music/film/art whatever. So here goes...
I would like to start with Kiran Gobin a still quite fresh graduate from London College of fashion he has managed to achieve so much and is currently underway on a postgrad to become quite frankly one of the most sought after in his field...I reckon, and I am being biased but I do not care because its true! So here are a couple of pics to remember why he is the shit!

Thats all for today, maybe tomorrow I will do another! For now I salute you KKG!! SEEYA

Oh p.s Illustration is coming soon and other stuff!

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