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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Couple of things.....

A couple of things have been brought to my attention,
a) Grammar and punctuation could maybe have a little more time spent on it, within this blog. Turns out everyone is right it is awful ha.
b) I havn't decided yet but I may do some little reports on fashion week that wont kiss everyone's arse as its becoming a little embarrassing London Fashion Week.....more than a little embarrassing. Lets be fair there is a hell of a lot of shit out there stop telling everyone they are amazing and teach them how to sew in a straight line for heavens sake.
c) I am going to work on some epic illustrations this could take some time so if you do not hear from me, please don't assume I have died like you all usually do not mentioning any names, Kim Clydesdale.
(Yeah i'm typing in helvetica everyone is allowed to be one cliche ok...)


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